David & Shavaun

Lovely couple David and Shavaun tied the knot at beautiful venue Glen Park Hall. It was an amazing experience for Reflection.

Iness and Cameron Wedding

Iness & Cameron’s gorgeous wedding took place at The Cornerstone. It’s a beautiful venue and the decoration was aesthetic. Iness and Cameron had two ceremonies; one was traditional African ceremony and another one was Western style ceremony. The reception was full of music and dance. We enjoyed every moment of this wedding.

MyVahna & Matthew

MyVahna & Matthew’s marriage ceremony was magical. Their marriage ceremony & reception was held in Pine & Pond Wedding venue. This venue was gorgeous and had flexible space. It was a very romantic summer wedding.

Lisa & Mitch

This wedding story is about a romantic couple. When we first met Lisa and Mitch on their engagement session, we instantly noticed their unconditional love for each other. We were lucky enough to photograph their romantic wedding story.

Sabrina & Ryan

Sabrina & Ryan’s elegant wedding took place in Sept, 2019. They had a gorgeous ceremony at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica in Edmonton. After ceremony they went for outdoor session in Legislature ground and we had great experience of taking lovely photos of this newly wed couple. Then they had a grand Filipino traditional reception with lots of fun.

Brett & Laurah

We first met Brett and Laurah during their engagement session. They are such an amazing couple. The way they gently cared for each other and the ways they talked with each other throughout the session were mesmerizing. We fell in love with their smiling faces. Then we were lucky enough to photograph their beautiful wedding. We still remember the moments of First Look. When they first saw each other on their wedding day, they just cried. If you go through their album you will see how tender and beautiful those moments were. Truly, love is the most precious thing in this world.

Nav & Josh

Nav and Josh are two beautiful souls whose wedding day was no less than a fairy tale story. This wedding was full of emotions and joy. Nav’s parents came all the way from India to attend the marriage. This wedding celebrated the beauty of friendship, family and love. The speeches given by Nav and Josh’s family members and friends were so heart touching that we cried a little bit while capturing those memorable moments. We wish this wonderful couple many years of joy and happiness.

Deo & Joanna

Weddings are joyous occasions. Cheers to the beautiful and intelligent bride Joanna and her extremely lucky and handsome groom Deo. We captured some precious moments and amazing candid shots in this wedding. This wedding was all about family, fun, and love.

Brenda & George

Sunny day, beautiful location, perfect couple-what more can you ask for. Brenda and George tied the knot in the picturesque Pinebrook Golf & Country Club near Calgary. As wedding photographers we travel a lot and we are blessed to get the opportunity to photograph Brenda and George’s elegant wedding. When you have a gorgeous location and warmth of the sun, then outdoor wedding is a must.

Summer Engagement: Melanie & Tony

Melanie and Tony were so much fun to work with. Their amazing chemistry and love for each other worked like magical spell during the photoshoot. We are really fortunate to be their wedding photographer as well.

Chantelle & Brian

Chantelle & Brian are two beautiful souls. They got married on the coldest day in February 2019. But their wedding was well organized and full of love. We were able to capture lots of beautiful images in indoor environment. Rutherford House was chosen for formal session and we were glad that we took gorgeous images of this wonderful couple.

Federico & Cassidy

Beginning of a beautiful journey of Federico and Cassidy in a romantic rainy day. Their profound love and passion for each other made these images magical and elegant.